Schubert’s Dream

Peacefully and with a light, melodic tone, we succumb to sleep and the dream begins. The perfect dream, so it seems, adheres to the senses and provides relief from the stressful day. Yet quickly the cheerful sky turns dark and cloudy and the transformation begins. Chimes are stuck and the mythological beings appear. Confusion ensues as the chase begins; the figure follows close behind and closes the gap with every step. The door of light is ahead but the dark figure has almost caught us. Clawed fingers scratch the back of our neck and begin to wrap around it…and we burst through the light and the figure disappears. The room is vast and empty, only a box of light. Suddenly a beat begins, quiet at first, and growing louder with every beat. A new awakening.

With no transition, peace returns. The sun begins to shine, the clouds clear away. Grass grows and flowers sprout. The perfect field appears before they eyes.

Thunder cracks, lightning flashes. Rain pours upon the car as the man sits outside the house. A woman walks out of the building and, through the darkness, struggles against the heavy wind down the street. The man exits the car and slowly creeps behind her until they reach a dark alley. He pushes her down inside the lightless path…

Eyes open, and the head is shaken. The dreams were many, but only one remembered. The nightmare, the terrifying realization of life. And so begins the new day, the mind already upset. To follow the next night, the same.


About akrapf

Bard College Class of 2018, aspiring writer, lover of otters and aesthetically pleasing things
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