Nine Sentence Story

A continuation from the academic piece I published earlier, the Three Sentence Story, the goal of the Nine Sentence Story is to take another persons three sentences and extend it in the same fashion as the original was written. Below you’ll find the original story (with a link to the authors blog) and my extension of it.

Ocean spray gathering on his brow, that sweet old fisherman dropped the baited lure into the murky water. His dinghy danced between eddies and swells, and together they discovered the true rhythm of the Sea. At long last, though, something drew the fisher’s line taught, giving life to his eyes, and stirring hope in his heart. (Keillor Mose; TheMoseKnows)

And my extended version:

The old fisherman gazed longingly at the sky, his heart sunken and depressed. He rocked with his shabby dinghy, each wave testing the integrity of the cheaply constructed vessel. He flung the baited lure away from the boat, hoping to catch the monthly rent, the night’s supper, and his seat alongside the other fisherman at the bar.

He sat for hours, watching the bobber dance upon the steady waves. He contemplated joining their unison, but he knew he could not leave his family to starve. He set his rod down and stared into the sky, watching clouds float past and cursed them for their natural freedom.

He began to pack his tackle box, stowing what little he had, when a loud thump drew his attention. The reel spun swiftly, fishing line extending farther into the sea, and the rod slowly sliding to the lip of the boat. The fisher’s eyes shone with hope as he grasped the rod and began to whirl the reel back towards him.


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